Monday, 5 March 2012

My Top 5 Blushes For Spring/Summer!

Hello lovelies!

Today i'm going to show you my top 5 blushes for spring/summer, price ranging from £18.50 - £1!

  Left to Right: MAC Feeling Flush, Sleek Suede, Sleek Rose Gold, Topshop Powder Blush - Pop and MUA Blush in shade 5!
 Left to Right: MAC Feeling Flush, Sleek Suede, Sleek Rose Gold, Topshop Powder Blush - Pop and MUA shade 5!
 MAC Feeling Flush: a gorgeous gorgeous purple/pinky blush, i like swirling my brush around in this and applying it to the apples of my cheeks, i swirled my finger in the blush to get the colour swatched on my hand. You can also use the colours individually with a small brush! It has has a very small amount of shimmer compared to other MAC MSF blushes! This came out in the semi-precious collection last summer (if i remember right..this is when google comes handy) yes, the semi-precious collection. It was released July last year but i'm sure there must be similar shades in their permanent line! I hate using this, only because i'm too scared it will ever ran out and i love it too much!
[LINK]..i managed to find it for £20!
 Sleek Suede, this is part of the sleek nude collection which is a permanent line. Its appears more brown in the pan but when applied on the apples of your cheeks, its a gorgeous peachy colour, which looks gorgeous in the summer and really compliments a tan! This are so affordable and its so pigmented, a little goes a long way! You can apply this blush as less or as much as you like, using a stippling brush you can really control how much you apply to your cheeks! 
Sleek Rose Gold: I cannot describe how much i love this blush, in my opinion it compliments any skin tone and with this it works as a highlighter and a blush. Its a pinky/peach with gold shimmer, lots of people have compared it to Nars Orgasm and in comparison pictures and videos the only differences is that this is more pigmented..which is a plus! The only downside is about this blush, it was an absolute pain to find, whenever i went into my local superdrug it was always out of stock but if you ever see this please pick one up and i assure you, you'll love it as much as i do. Stay away if you don't like shimmer!
 Topshop Powder Blush - Pop: i've heard lots of people rave about the cream blushes(which are also lovely) but never heard anyone rave about the powder blushes, which in my opinion are just as good as the cream blushes. This ones in Pop and its a gorgeous pink, its a type of pink which i can't put a name down to what type of pink this is, but if your ever in topshop please please swatch it because its so lovely and lasts all day on me!
 MUA Blush - Shade 5: Last but defiantly not least, this is a gorgeous shade, i know the swatch isn't very clear (i'm sorry!) this is £1 available from superdrug..yes ONE POUND! its an absolute bargain! Its such a gorgeous colour, i use this on-top of Topshops Blush in Pop and oh my gosh, its so lovely, it really gives your cheeks a rosy effect, these 2 blushes topped together have now become my go-to blush combination. Its has a small amount of gold shimmer, its a bit similar to Sleek - Rose Gold, but that has more obvious gold shimmer and its more pink! But this is so gorgeous and for one pound you really cannot go wrong!


Sunday, 4 March 2012


Hello lovelies!

I'm so sorry i haven't posted in ages, over the past months i've had a science and maths exam so i've been putting any free time i had towards revision!

Today i have a haul for you all!

After months of looking in different john lewis's to find this colour, i finally found it online! I brought this in the kids section in 12/13 its a perfect fit, i'd say i'm a size 6/8 and 5'4 tall, the plus side of getting it in the childrens section is that its £20 cheaper, instead of being £80 i managed to bag it for £60!

 What you basically pay for is the Barbour label!

 I absolutely love it, the collar is lovely, just how i wanted it!

This is available on the Barbour website [LINK]

oops, after convincing myself i couldn't justify spending £36 on this beauty, however when it came on buyapowa for £28.50 inc.postage i couldn't say would have been a crime to let this beauty slip!

 This is available on the debenhams website [LINK]

I can't believe it didn't buy the urban decay palette for so long, the colours are so so beautiful and so wearable, you can get so many different looks from the palette! It also comes with a cute little lipgloss in the colour naked!

If you'd like to see a review i'll do one for you all, even though there lots of reviews out there!
I'll also try and feature the barbour jacket in a ootd!

There barbour jacket was brought by my lovely brother for my previous birthday but because i haven't been able to find this olive colour for so long thats why I've received it almost 3 months late..haha! The urban decay palette was brought by myself, after months of saving!

Thats all for now, thank you for reading!