Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Favourites

I can't believe how fast this month has gone by; it literally has flown by. It only feels like this month started yesterday. I haven't done a favourites post in absolutely ages, so I decided to do one for this month as I've really been enjoying some old products. This month I have been shopping my stash and I have been using old products that I've simply neglected.

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara: I've re-purchased this mascara around 3X now and I always end up going back to it. It makes my lashes look amazing and it really lengths them and curls them. The brush is fantastic because it catches every eyelash. I hate mascara's that make my lashes look clumpy or make them look like spider-legs but this mascara doesn't do either of them things.

Toni & Guy Finishing Shine Spray: I've had this for quite a while but never really used it but the past two months and I've fallen in love with it. It makes my hair appear really shiny and much healthier. It also has a lovely scent! I'm not sure if they still do this product because I can't find it on the website, but I hope they do as it is a fantastic product and it was really affordable too.

GOSH Jumbo Lip Pencil - Flamenco Coral: The jumbo lip pencils feel lovely on your lips, the colour is a gorgeous peach. It's really easy to apply and it glides on your lips effortlessly. They're not particularly moisturising or hydrating that's why I love applying MAC tendertone - purring on top as it makes the colour slightly more intense and it feel much nicer on the lips. It's not the longest lasting lipstick as It last around 1-2 hours before you have to re-apply which can be slightly annoying.

Sally Hansen - Healthy Cuticles Now: Around December I really got into looking after my nails, I'm quite fortunate because naturally I have strong nails and they hardly ever break. I probably use this around once a week and my cuticles have been looking much healthier. A little goes a long way with this product and it smells lovely.

MAC Tendertones - Purring & Hot 'n' Saucy: I actually forgot I even owned these (how bad!) but i re-discovered them this month. I've literally worn one everyday whether it's on top of a lipstick or on it's own. They are super moisturising and hydrating. They apply a sheer colour on your lips. Hot 'n' Saucy is a gorgeous watermelon red & Purring is a beautiful sheer tangerine orange; on my lips it adds a lovely hint of peach and I love wearing it on top of the GOSH lip pencil. They smell AMAZING - they smell very fruity...almost like watermelon. The only downside is they came out in the SHOP COOK SHOP MAC collection last year, so they are limited edition. I'm hoping they bring these out in another collection because I definitely want to try some more colours!

I'm seriously fed up with the lighting in my photos recently - I'm so sorry!

What have you enjoyed using this month?


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Review: Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation

''LancĂ´me's Teint Miracle helps you achieve bare skin perfection and natural-looking radiance''
''Teint Miracle works to help recreate and boost the skin’s luminosity. Upon application, the complexion appears flawless and luminous, as if lit-from-within.''

This foundation has become my favourite foundation of all time, I agree with every single thing they say about this foundation. It definitely does help me achieve the ''bare skin perfection and natural-looking radiance''; it definitely makes my skin look natural and I haven't had a problem with it being cakey. I wouldn't say it's dewy or matt but it's in the middle, which is perfect as it looks super natural and the finish is lovely.

I would say this is foundation is medium coverage but buildable, I find its best applied using fingers as it gives the most natural finish. The shade I own is 04 Beige Nature, and it's a perfect match for my skin tone; the colour range is fantastic as there is a colour that would suit everyone. I find with some brands the colours are either too pink or too yellow but I find the colour selection for this foundation has some really realistic colours and they do actually look like real skin colours. Sometimes when I'm in a rush I don't bother to wear concealer because this foundation conceals scars, blemishes so well and well enough not to bother with concealer.

I personally like the packaging, the product itself is in a glass bottle and it looks and feels expensive to me. Packaging is always a bonus with products.

I've used this foundation everyday for about 5 months now and I haven't even used half. I use about 1 pump for my face and I find that's more than enough. The formula isn't runny or thick but it is in-between. The foundation lasts around 7-8 hours on me, before it starts to slightly fade, however I do need powder after around 2-3 hours as i'm looking slightly oily but that's nothing a bit of powder can't fix! You can prolong foundation wear by using a primer. I personally think this foundation is best suited to people with normal, combination and dry skin. If you have oily skin I don't think this would work for you because I have dry skin and I start getting slightly oily around 2-3 hours but I love the finish this foundation gives and it definitely gives me a healthy glow.

Overall I love this foundation and I would definitely recommend it and re-purchase it when it runs out.

You get 30ml in a bottle, which is the average foundation size and the foundation retails at £27 and its available from most department stores. LINK

Whats your favourite foundation?


Friday, 25 January 2013

Essie Nail Varnish Collection & Review

I am a huge fan of Essie Nail Varnishes and recently Essie released a difusion line of their most popular nail polish shades in selected Boots and Superdrug stores across the UK, when I found out about there release in the UK, saying I was excited was an understatement and I knew I needed them in my life. They have quickly become my favourite nail varnish company and my collection just keeps on expanding. I love absolutely everything about them. The colour range is phenomenal and there's a colour for absolutely everyone. 

 Left to Right: Midnight Cami, Tour De Finance, Orange It's Obvious, To Buy or Not To Buy, A Crewed Interest, Muchi Muchi, Mademoiselle and Waltz
Left to Right: Midnight Cami, Tour De Finance, Orange It's Obvious, To Buy or Not To Buy
Left to Right: A Crewed Interest, Muchi Muchi, Mademoiselle, Waltz

Midnight Cami: I absolutely love this shade and this colour is one of my newest additions. The colour is a beautiful dark navy shade and the formulation is fantastic, it's an opaque navy with two coats. The only thing I don't like about this nail varnish is the brush, I personally prefer the thick brushes rather than the thin brushes but that's just a personal preference. I wore this colour last week and on the 3rd day I noticed some very minor chipping and that was without a topcoat. 

Tour De Finance: This is probably my most worn colour out of my whole Essie collection. If I'm not sure what colour to go for 90% of the time I end up going for this shade. The colour is a gorgeous fuchsia with shimmer running through it. This shade is opaque with just one coat and it last's for 5+ days with a topcoat without chipping. It also dries super quickly.

Orange It's Obvious: This is definitely a summer shade. It's a a bright orange and it's a shade which I've only worn a couple of times but this shade will most definitely be my staple summer colour. This shade is like nothing I own, it is a very very bright colour and that's what made me pick it up. I love the thick brushes as it makes it's it really easy to apply on your nails and I find you only need 2 strokes per nail for a full coverage. This shade is an opaque orange with two coats.

To Buy or Not To Buy: I love this colour it's a gorgeous pastel purple, almost lavender colour with blue shimmer (which isn't as noticeable on your nails as it is in the bottle) running through it. It takes around 2-3 coats but because it dries fairly quickly how many coats it needs isn't an issue. This colour would be flattering on any skintone and it's lasts a long time without chipping.

A Crewed Interest: This shade is one of my favourites, it's a gorgeous peach shade that would suit any skintone, i've seen this shade on the darkest and lightest skintones and it really does look amazing on everyone. It's quite sheer so you need around 4 coats which can be a pain and it doesn't have the fastest drying time but it is a really beautiful colour so that definitely make's up for the formulation.

Muchi Muchi: This shade is a very very light pink and it's by far my favourite shade and most used nail varnish out of my whole Essie collection. Even though you need 4-5 coats to make it opaque because the formula is quite watery it's still my favourite colour out of the Essie nail varnishes I own, it's really flattering on the skintone and it would suit anyone. The formulation isn't the best but I love that this shade has the thick brush because the thick brush make's it much easier to apply onto the nails.

Mademoiselle: This is also one of my newest additions and I haven't tried it yet so I can't say much about it but I thought this colour would be fantastic for french manicures, after seeing FleurDeForce's french manicure video, this seemed like the most perfect pink base coat. I'm yet to try this but when I do I will definitely put up a NOTD.

Waltz: This is also one of newest additions (my newest additions are ones that I received for my birthday) and I'm yet to try it. I have only tested this shade out and it is a very very sheer white and it's another shade that will be perfect for a french manicure.

I couldn't recommend Essie Nail Varnishes enough, they are by far my favourite nail varnish company. Essie Nail Varnishes are available from Boots and Superdrug for £7.99


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wishlist #3

Hey lovelies, before I get on to my post I want to apologise for the lack of posts on my blog, I've had had three exams this month and my last one is next week so I've been devoting all my time to revision, but I have seriously missed blogging!

1) I've heard AMAZING things about this foundation. Even though I'm really enjoying the foundation I'm using now (review to come!), it's always nice to try out new ones. Next time I'm in town I will defiantly pick up a sample and I'll let you all know about my experience. When this foundation was first released I defiantly thought it would be more expensive because the Touche Eclat Concealer is £25 and the foundation is only £3 more, so in my opinion for a high end foundation it's defiantly reasonably priced.

2) My Essie nail varnish collection is slowly but surely expanding and I keep telling myself I don't need anymore nail varnishes however I don't have a blue like this is my collection, so I convinced myself that I need it (I'm too easy to convince! Damn you, you beautiful Essie polish!).

3) I've wanted a leather jacket for a while and when the Kardashian Kollection released in the UK in Dorothy Perkins i instantly fell in love with this jacket however I haven't been able to get my hands on it ANYWHERE...literally, It's out of stock everywhere! I'm hoping they bring out a similar style this year!

4) In the winter I live in warm jumpers and this one really intrigued me, even though I could probably poke someone's eye out with it, I really love it.

I'm really sorry for the lack of posts and I promise to try my best to write ATLEAST one post a week!