Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Wishlist #5

I love making wishlists and little notes on my phone of items that I'm lusting over and need want, as my birthday is fast approaching I thought it was appropriate to do a wishlist, I hope I've added something to your wishlist as whenever I watch/read haul videos/posts, favourites or review the products I've seen somehow make it onto my wishlist (this is why I can't save! eeep)

*click on image to enlarge*

Vera Wang Be Jeweled Perfume: oh my, I actually don't know where to start with this perfume, I first came across it in boots a couple of months ago and instantly fell in love. It's the fruitiest & sweetest perfume I've probably ever across but its not sickly sweet. The only thing that puts me off is the price tag so I'm hoping to either buy this in Jan sales or (very kindly) ask for, for my birthday - I hate buying fragrances myself as there so expensive so I love receiving them - anyone else prefer receiving fragrances rather than buying them or is it just me? haha.   

Tartan Scarf: Tartan is so in at the moment, I'm not too keen on tartan jackets, dresses etc. but I love the look of tartan scarfs and after watching Zoella's haul video, I fell in love with the Urban Outfitters one but didn't want to spend £16 on a scarf however, Primark have an extremely similar version for only £5 which I'll definitely be purchasing when I'm next in town.

Black Leather Converses High-Tops: I first saw these in Office and loved them, I've worn my last pair of converses to death and they unfortunately do not have much life in them now and they're extremely dirty - my fault for buying white converses however, I think these will be so much better than the fabric versions because the leather will be easy to clean and because they're black the dirt won't be as noticeable. Love love love!

MAC MSF - Gold Deposit: I've wanted this for absolutely ages but have just never brought it, I've tried it on before and it just gave the most beautiful golden glow to my cheeks & I love how it added to the 'dewy' skin effect & I love how versatile it is and how it can be used as a bronzer and/or a highlighter however, it's not the cheapest at £22 but I'm sure it will last me ages and that's how I'm justifying it - hehe.

Casio Gold-Plated Digital Watch: If you read my haul post I mentioned when I brought my silver mini Casio watch that I orginally planned on buying the gold version but it was out of stock and the watch fanatic inside me tells me that i neeeeed this watch but I think I'm going to restrain myself and hope it goes on sale in the Jan sales. I love how retro is it & the colour will go will everything and anything!

Huma xx