Saturday, 26 May 2012

Review: Buyapowa!

I just quickly wanted to say i'm so sorry i haven't blogged in AGES! i've had 3 exams and all my free time i've been putting towards revision. I still have 3 exams left and then i promise i'll be dedicated to blogging because i love blogging so much!

Enough of the chit i'm going to be reviewing a website which i've FALLEN in love with and that is buyapowa.

What is Buyapowa?
If you are unaware of buyapowa, its a website which offers co-buys for 48 hours(i believe) and they have a certain quantity of a specific product. The best bit is that the price is cheaper than the RRP price, the products are fantastic and they've previously had products like the clarsonic mia, orgins products, benefit products, mac products and so many other great products (i think i've said products in this paragraph around 50x!)

Right now they have great products like:

Benefit They're Real Mascara for only £13.50 and the RRP price is: £18.50!

NARS Deep Throat Blush - Buyapowa price: £16 RRP price: £21

Benefit Hervana Face Powder - Buyapowa price: £17.50 RRP price: £23.50!

Benefit Porefessional Face Primer - Buyapowa Price: £17.50 RRP price: £23.50

Purchasing From Buyapowa:
The concept of Buyapowa is absolutely brilliant, everyone loves bargain! I've purchased from Buyapowa before, if you see my haul i ordered the Naked 2 Palette from there and i saved myself £8 which i feel is amazing! 

The only issue with buyapowa is the delivery, however it isn't buyapowa's fault, my Naked 2 Palette took 2 weeks to arrive but i contacted buyapowa and they told me it was the suppliers end and did apologies, which they didn't have to do because it wasn't there fault. They replied within a day which i feel is brilliant!

Would I Recommend Buyapowa?
I 100% couldn't recommend buyapowa more, its a great website and i love browsing through it when theres new co-buys! I feel like i'm on there website at least once a day! Its a great website and i defiantly recommend checking it out!

Huma xo