Monday, 29 July 2013

Essie Maximilian Strasse-Her

So I was browsing in Boots, shopping for a friends birthday gift and then I stumbled across this colour and it's totally different from any colour I already own, I would describe it as a concrete, almost muted green/grey colour. Essie describe this colour as a ''cool grey green'' and I completely agree - this colour is great for cooler months. I love Essie brushes as they large and the large brush just makes it so easy to apply, like all Essie nail varnishes the formula was brilliant and fully opaque with 2 coats. I know this shade isn't for everyone but I really like it and can see it becoming one of my most used nail varnishes. Unfortunately this colour came out in the Spring 2013 collection so grab is quick before it disappears! Essie Nail Varnishes are avaliable from Boots for £7.99.

Huma xo

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Finally Come To The UK!

I've wanted to try the Maybelline baby lips ever since they came out in America and all I heard were constant raves about them. Today they finally arrived in the UK, they are available in Boots and Superdrug for a respectful £2.99 each, I'm so excited to try them out and they're currently on 3 for 2 in Boots so I will most definitely be taking advantage of that offer. I have my eye on Cherry Me, Peach Kiss and Pink Punch - keep your eyes peeled as reviews to come!

What colours will you be picking up?

Huma xo

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Barry M Coral: Accent Nail

Barry M - Coral and Maybelline MNY - 142a

Please excuse the chipping as I've had this colour on for a week now and I absolutely love it but I've only just decided to take pictures of it. I forgot how much I loved Barry M - Coral, I've had this colour for way over a year, maybe even two years but haven't given it as much love as it deserved, the name sums up the colour perfectly as it is a gorgeous coral colour. It's definitely going to be a staple colour for me this summer as it applies beautifully and it's an opaque coral with two coats and the drying time isn't as bad as I thought or remember it being. Maybelline MNY in 142a is definitely my all time favourite glitter nail varnish, I also did a glitter gradient using this colour and featured it HERE but I now opted for a glitter accent nail and I love it. 

What's your summer staple nail varnish/nail look?