Monday, 22 August 2011

Eyeko London Lips! - Review & Swatches

For a while i had been looking at these lipglosses on the website and they looked gorgeous! I popped into my local tkmaxx and found 3 of them for £5!! I quickly snatched it and it was the last one, how lucky?!I couldn't resist this bargain!

-You recieve 13.5g in each one & they're limted edition so snatch these gorgeous colours while you can!

Left to right - Soho, Mayfair & Portobello

Where to i start? They're all super pigmanted and last for a long time on your lips and they smell gorgeous - they smell like sweets and bubblegum!

Soho: Soho is extremely pigmanted pink! its gorgeous and a very vibrant pink! Perfect colour to glam up your look if you are out in the day and than meeting up with friends later on in the evening! Its the perfect size to throw into your bag!

Mayfair: Mayfair is the perfect nude/brown and it has golden shimmer which is perfect to apply over a lipstick or even on its own! Its a gorgeous everyday colour or even for nights out, if you have smokey/vibrant eye make-up  and you don't want to over do it, this colours perfect!

Portobello: Portobello is a gorgeous light pink colour and this also has golden shimmer, its a perfect for a everyday lip and this would look lovely over a lipstick too!

This lipglosses are lovely however i would suggest applying a clear lipbalm on before applying these as i find they can be abit stiff(if that makes sense) when applied but when applying over a clear lipbalm its absolutely fine!

I would definitely suggest purchasing one of these Eyeko London Lips lipglosses as they're gorgeous and really pigmanted! i now have my eye on shoreditch which is a gorgeous reddy/rose colour which i will most definitely be purchasing! They're worth every penny!

You can purchase these on the website: and they have more beautiful colours and some other lovely products! They also ship worldwide on their website!
They retail at £6.50 each but they're definitely worth every penny!

Thank you for reading!

Huma xo


  1. You definitely got a bargain! I've heard a few people say they've found some Nars products in TKMaxx so I always keep my eyes open when I'm in there lol Portobello looks like my kind of colour :) xx

  2. Me too! I found a Nars lipstick but it was in a dark maroon colour, which really isn't a colour i go for. I was so gutted lol. Portobello is a gorgeous colour :) xo

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