Thursday, 4 July 2013

Barry M Coral: Accent Nail

Barry M - Coral and Maybelline MNY - 142a

Please excuse the chipping as I've had this colour on for a week now and I absolutely love it but I've only just decided to take pictures of it. I forgot how much I loved Barry M - Coral, I've had this colour for way over a year, maybe even two years but haven't given it as much love as it deserved, the name sums up the colour perfectly as it is a gorgeous coral colour. It's definitely going to be a staple colour for me this summer as it applies beautifully and it's an opaque coral with two coats and the drying time isn't as bad as I thought or remember it being. Maybelline MNY in 142a is definitely my all time favourite glitter nail varnish, I also did a glitter gradient using this colour and featured it HERE but I now opted for a glitter accent nail and I love it. 

What's your summer staple nail varnish/nail look?



  1. this is such a pretty shade!

    following your lovely blog now <3

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin

  2. I love barry m nail polish! Great post x
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  3. Love that bright coral color!

    -Maddy @