Friday, 16 September 2011

My Top 8 Make-Up Brushes!

Hello all you lovelies!
Here's My Top 8 Make-Up Brushes!

Just to warn you most of my brushes are ELF, just because they're amazing and such fantastic quality at such a brilliant price!

Left to right: ELF Blush Brush, ELF Eye Crease Brush, ELF Powder Brush, ELF Blending Brush, Avon Angled Brush, ELF Stipple Brush, No7 Eyeshadow Blend & Contour Brush and ELF Complexion Brush

ELF Blush Brush: This brush is amazing for applying blusher because its the perfect size and it apply's the Blusher really nicely and with this brush you can sheer down the blush or apply it very heavily. Like all ELF Studio brushes its extremely soft!

Price: £3.50

ELF Eye Crease Brush: This is a lovely brush for getting into the crease, the inner conner and the brow-bone for applying highlighter. Its not as soft as the Studio brushes and does shed a little but I can't complain as there only £1.50 and they are fantastic and do the job!

Price: £1.50

ELF Powder Brush: This has been in my previous favourites, so I did write about it there so I won't write as much but this is a fantastic brush for applying Liquid Foundation or I'm sure it would also be great for Mineral Foundation! Overall this is a lovely brush and so worth the money! You won't be disappointed with this brush!

Price: £3.50

ELF Blending Brush: This is a lovely blending brush, I'm going to buy a few more of these just because I love these brushes to pieces! there wonderful when it comes to blending colours together and they are great quality even though like my Crease Brush it does shed but its still a fantastic brush!

Price: £1.50

Avon Angled Brush: This brush is amazing for contouring that's what I most like to use it for my on some occasions I do use it for my blusher and it works just aswell, this is the great size for getting along those cheekbones and jaw bone so its lovely for both. Its super duper soft! Have washed this a lot and hasn't shed one bit!

Price: £6

ELF Stipple Brush: I'm not sure if I have mentioned this brush in a blog post before because its an AMAZING brush and deserves to be raved about along with the ELF Powder Brush which I also love to bits! Its amazing for applying Liquid Foundation, I've been using this with my MAC Studio Sculpt and I've tried quite a few brushes including sponges but this is my favourite for applying it! Its gives me an amazing flawless coverage. Its also a lovely brush for applying Blusher! Overall I definitely recommend this brush!

Price: £3.50

No7 Eyeshadow Blend & Contour Brush: This is a lovely brush for blending eye shadows or applying it evenly to your eyelids and its lovely for the socket line!! Its super soft and it does the job for you! I brought this with my No7 £5 Voucher so it came to about £2-3(brought it a while ago, so I can't remember sorry!) I would pay the full price for it just because its a wonderful brush and i love it! Although it does shed, but not like crazy!

Price: £7.25

ELF Complexion Brush: This is a SUUUPER soft brush! I like using this brush for applying my pressed powder or a setting powder, its a fabulous brush which i use everyday! It can also be used for applying Blush or Bronzer so its a great multi-purpose brush! Its give a natural finish to the skin! I just love it!

Price: £3.50

What is Your Top 8 Make Up Brushes?

Thank you for reading!
Huma xo


  1. Can it be that Elf brushes cost only €1 ? Because I was just looking for some brushes and came to Elf and at this site (it's a Belgian site) they cost only 1 Euro ! I have no idea about the shipping costs but 1 Euro is like less than 1 Pound...

  2. Yes! Thats like the USA site there $1, so thats less than a pound! For One Euro they're so worth it, they're great quality! xo

  3. i LOVE the elf stippling brush!
    ha ha i definately need more brushes. your post was actually super helpful!
    super cute blog by the way!

    xxx --

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  5. I'd really like to buy an ELF brush, as you wrote, the price is amazing!
    thanks for your post, it's really helpful!!

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  8. I think I got their complexion brush. Hope it holds up!

  9. it is lovely - it's super super soft! washed it so many times and hasn't shed once!xo

  10. Thank you! I am glad that you appreciated that post and look forward to you and your friends visiting this site often and joining it!
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