Sunday, 13 November 2011

My New Love... Fantasy Shopper!

Hello all you lovelies!
I'm so sorry i haven't made a post for such a long time!

I have a new love.. Fantasy Shopper It's a brand new game which was only released 2/3 weeks ago! I never thought i'd be so hooked as i am - i'm totally addicated! its a great new concept!

What is Fantasty Shopper?
Fantasty Shopper [LINK] is a game which your able to buy Clothes, Jewelry, Shoes and Bags from all shops from high street to high end!

They don't have loads of shops just yet because they've only just opened the site, but they will have many more shops coming. Soon you will be able to buy a suitcase and visit New York, Paris and other places and you'll be able to buy from them shops!

Why are they in Zones?
Zone 1 - Zone 4: These are cheapest to most expensive! So in Zone 1 as you can see you have the cheapest shops for example, New Look to the most expensive for example: Harrods

As you can see this is how the shops are laid out and if you click on the item you can add it to your basket and then purchase the item and it will appear in your waredrobe. With all you're clothes you can make outfits and also make other people on Fantasy Shopper outfits using their clothes that they've purchased!

Pay Days:
At the top of the picture it has a time countdown for 60.00 minutes and after that 60 minutes, you recieve money: At the start you recieve £60 and sometimes they may take £10 off the £60 because you went to the cinema or take £10 because you topped up your phone. They also give you extra money so if you click on it, it may say you've recieved £22 more because you've babysitted, so then you'll recieve £82!

You also recieve badges for example, when you make a outfit for other Fantasy Shopper members they can like the outfit and for your first like you recieve a badge and you win £80, theres lots of badges to collect so this also increases your money!

You can create outfits for events, theres new events everyday and it tells you in the description where your going and on the bases you create an outfit and other Fantasy Shopper members can like your outfits and the most liked outfit wins the event and you get the chance to earn some more money!

I hope i've explained enough, to make you all understand but its so addicting and its a great way to buy items which you can't afford in real life! I hope you all come and join, its free and i never though it become so addicted!


Thank you for reading,

Huma xo


  1. I think this would tease me wayyyyy too much!!! aha x

  2. haha! but its a fantastic game, to know what outfits go together and what i'd think suit what! xo

  3. I remember starting my blog! Its super fun hey? I love it! I know getting followers are first is kind of difficult, so I followed you! :)
    hope you will follow back:)
    lots of love,
    M :)