Saturday, 9 June 2012

Wishlist! #1

Hey lovelies,

I'm sitting here catching up on 2 broke girls(does anyone else watch it?) I find it hilarious! Well I was until I realised that i am wanting/craving so many products at the moment so why don't I do a wishlist? So here i am doing one! Woop woop to my first wishlist (anything seriously excites me..haha!)

I'm hoping to pick up the River Island bag today, because this is top of my wishlist and for £25 I think that is really good considering I spent £25 on a bag in new look almost identical but without the tassels and it lasted me 3 months and then it just completely broke apart..literally! I do not recommend New Look Messenger Bags as I think they're awful quality and break so quickly! As much as i love New Look and there other bags I think the cross-body bags are a stay away!  I still need to jump on the essie band-wagon(yes I said it.. band-wagon! oh dear Huma!!) When i'm next in Boots i'll definitely pick up a essie polish!  

What is on your wishlist?
Huma xo


  1. Great wish list :) I love the Jemma Kidd cream it looks amazing :)


    1. Thankyou! it does, i seriously want looks gorgeous! xx

  2. i am desperate for the jemma kidd cream!

  3. Replies
    1. isn't it! i couldn't find it in my local zara...might have to just order it online! x

  4. I really want to get an Essie polish maybe the most hyped up one in "Mint Candy Apple"? xx